Seamless Migration for Any Database

Rivery automates the cloud migration process for every kind of database. Whether handling an on-premise legacy database, or a cloud-based data system, Rivery quickly, efficiently, and smoothly migrates data into the cloud.    


Migrate any on-premise relational database, including Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostgreSQL, to a cloud data warehouse without inefficiencies and busywork.


Perform cloud-to-cloud database replication, such as Redshift to Snowflake, and continuously update data changes in real-time.

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The Rivery Advantage: Auto-Migration

Rivery offers two data replication methods that automate database migrations, no matter the use case. Sit back, relax, and let Rivery do all the work. 


Multi-tables automatically migrates a database to the cloud by pulling data directly from tables.

  • Auto-migrate a database to the cloud using the standard extraction method.
  • Migrate an entire database using a single data pipeline. 
  • Eliminate complicated configurations and manual grunt work.

Change Data Capture (CDC)

Change data capture instantly and automatically syncs a database with your cloud data warehouse, as soon as changes occur. 

  • Always keep source and target databases synced.
  • Act on real-time data to beat the competition.
  • Cut time & costs by loading data incrementally. 

Generate Faster & Sharper Insights

Expedite and sharpen data analysis. Migrate your database to a cloud data warehouse with a click, and generate business intelligence, analytics, and reports with data of the highest quality and integrity.  

6 Keys for a Successful Cloud Data Migration

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