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A no-code, fully managed, cloud-native SaaS platform. No more backend maintenance or technical grunt work

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Link any internal or external data source through a suite of native connectors and on-demand API support

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Consistently rated the best support by G2, enjoy engineering-led assistance to facilitate all your data needs
“Rivery gives us the confidence to know that any time we need data, wherever it might be on the internet, we are always able to pull it, use it, and make sense of it.”
Tomer C., Director of R&D
“We solved some of our most complex data challenges with Rivery. The ability to create a unified data pipeline that is always up-to-date through predefined logic rivers has been a game changer for the team. It is extremely easy to use compared to other tools that we’ve used in the past. ”
Tali S., BI & Analytics Manager
“A great platform which makes life super easy in pulling data from API's. It's also a great ETL tool, super easy and simple UI, easy to control all your process. Overall great experience.”
Or N., BI Developer
“The amazing thing about Rivery is that I don’t need to use it. I set it up and it just works, that’s the beauty of it.”
Elik R., Product Manager
“A reporting process that once required back-and-forth between different teams is now executed ad-hoc by team leads in minutes, cutting time to execution in half.”
Jean H., Senior Data Analyst

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