Rivery Story

It began, as most stories do, with a conflicted protagonist. In 2008, Itamar Ben Hamo co-founded a BI services company, and led the business from a scrappy Israeli startup into a global enterprise with hundreds of employees. But when the cloud revolution hit the data management space, Itamar understood the extraordinary opportunity. After much debate, he left the company in good hands and went for it.

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Skeptics abounded. For years, expensive physical servers with finite capacities dominated the space. But Itamar was undeterred. He believed that cloud data warehouses, with near-infinite compute and storage capabilities, would fundamentally change the power of business insights. But Itamar wanted to build something beyond a technology platform. He envisioned an SaaS company that would add a strong service component to cloud data management.

However, companies still had serious data management issues in the cloud. It was difficult to connect cloud data warehouses to hundreds of different data sources. Teams had to hard code unique data connectors for each data source API. Furthermore, these APIs pulled raw data, not structured data that could be used for business intelligence. And these were just to name a few of the issues. So Itamar teamed up with his long-time friends, Aviv and Alon, to co-found a new, comprehensive cloud data management platform: Rivery.

The Rivery name was derived from Viking mythology. Vikings built the sturdiest, quickest, and nimblest ships, allowing them to dominate the waterways. This informed how Rivery’s platform was designed. Rivery was built to transport raw data through the ocean known as the internet, deposit it in the safe harbor of a cloud data warehouse, and equip it in the proper format, to win the war for business insights.

Rivery started small, as all startups do, with just the co-founders inside a cramped office in Tel-Aviv. The three expected the company to grow fast, but even they were surprised by how rapidly the market responded. Within no time, the company went global, with teams in the US and Israel, clients around the world, a Series A in the bag, and a Series B fast approaching. Despite the rapid expansion, and the geographic diffuseness, the company still maintains a close communal feel and the original daredevil drive to take on the market.

Also, the Viking mascot adopted early on in the company’s history is still around. There have been talks about changing the Viking, but we’ve reached a consensus on that. Nobody touches the Viking. Nobody ever touches the Viking.

Rivery Vision

You can’t have freedom without control. It sounds like a paradox, but it’s the most essential truth when it comes to data.

What does control mean? Control is doing what you want to do with your data, when you want to do it. But with the emergence of Big Data, this task has become exponentially harder. Today, companies deal with petabytes of data, not gigabytes, and hundreds of data sources, not a two. To realize the business potential of this current landscape, companies must first control the enormous complexity of their data.

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By achieving control, companies gain the freedom to do what they want with their data. And this, in turn, gives companies the freedom to do what they want with their businesses. In our information-driven economy, data is the fuel that drives all business initiatives. Think of it this way: companies that can simply turn a key and start the engine of business growth have a tremendous advantage over the rest of the market.

Rivery’s ethos is centered around this control and freedom paradigm. We build scalable, fully-managed technologies that enable teams and companies to gain total control over their data, across all sources and platforms. This empowers our customers with the freedom to harness their data unlimitedly, the freedom to power any business project, and the freedom, at last, to shape their business destinies.

For us, freedom also means data democratization. For too long, data analysis and analytics have been confined to only those with the technical expertise to manage IT systems. Rivery is committed to designing intuitive, no-code, easy-to-use data technologies with point-and-click functionality. We want anyone, from R&D to marketing, from data operations to sales, to access the opportunity of the datascape.

Most people think that freedom and control are utterly incompatible. But Rivery is determined to show that our beautiful, powerful data paradox is the way to dominate in the information-based market.

Rivery Platform

Rivery is a SaaS ELT platform for modern teams and data professionals. Businesses of every size harness Rivery for data management, data integration, data orchestration, data cleansing, and other vital data functionalities.

The Rivery platform extracts data from any API source, ingests the data into a leading cloud data warehouse, and transforms the data in-database for usage in business intelligence, analytics, and data workflows.

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As a fully-managed platform, Rivery handles all maintenance, infrastructure, and backend tasks, so stakeholders can focus on analysis. Rivery is a no-code platform, enabling technical and non-technical stakeholders to create data pipelines in a few clicks.

Rivery offers universal data source coverage, with 150+ pre-built data connectors, an on-demand program for bespoke data connectors, and a universally compatible Rest API. The platform provides multiple data replication methods, including change data capture and standard table extraction.

Rivery offers full data orchestration, automating the entire data integration process, from ingestion to transformation. Connect to data sources with pre-built connectors, extract, load, and transform data in automated workflows, and capture data changes instantly. Eliminate manual data processes and focus on the tasks that actually matter.

With seamless scalability, Rivery allows any business of any size to expand at any speed. Taking advantage of the inherent power of cloud data warehouses, Rivery enables companies to ingest higher data volumes at a faster rate. See, for the first time, how your company performs with an unshackled data operation.

Rivery partners with industry-leading technology providers, so customers can build superb data ecosystems. Partners include Google, Microsoft, Looker, Snowflake, and Tableau, among other leading technologies. We are committed to presenting our customers with the best possible complementary technologies.

Rivery Leadership

Itamar Ben Hemo


Itamar is responsible for leading Rivery’s business growth and overseeing all business functions within the company. A seasoned business executive, prior to Rivery Itamar was the Co-Founder and CEO of Vision.BI, a leading data consulting firm which was acquired by Keyrus Group.

At Keyrus, he was Group Vice President for North America, where he established their U.S. presence, including five new business offices across North America. Itamar holds a BSc in Computer and Information Systems Security from Ben Gurion University of the Negev.

Aviv Noy


Aviv is responsible for defining the overall product vision and strategy for Rivery, leading end-to-end development of the product, from feature definition, prioritization, budgeting, and roadmapping. As the company’s CTO, he manages the R&D team and oversees the workflow across products, setting timelines and KPIs that align the business and the product roadmap.

Prior to Rivery, he held numerous roles including Project Manager and Big Data System Architect at Vision.bi. Aviv holds a BSc in Information System Engineering from Ben Gurion University of the Negev.

Alon Reznik

Head of System Architecture

Alon is a seasoned big data architect with extensive hands-on experience in developing high volume, real-time data-warehouses and analytical solutions in various MPPs and analytical engines. With expertise in BI methodologies and practices, accumulated over a decade of experience, he has worked with a wide variety of RDBMSs and is fluent in several dialects of SQL.

Alon is also an experienced instructor and developer of learning materials. He has worked for many key organizations, such as the IDF and leading businesses across the insurance, finance, and e-commerce industries.

Vardit Jonasz

VP Product

As VP of Product, Vardit has overall responsibility for Rivery’s product vision, strategy, roadmap, and design.

Vardit’s career spans 20 years in software development and leadership roles in product management. Prior to Rivery, Vardit led product management efforts at global software companies such as AppsFlyer and Integrate.com. Vardit holds a BS in Computer Science, and is an alumni of the prestigious Israeli Defense Force, MAMRAM Program.

Benjamin Flammang

SVP Global Sales

Ben is responsible for all revenue-related activities across the company’s client base including new revenue generation and expansion of existing customers.

Ben has over 20 years of business development, strategy and enterprise SaaS sales experience with both high growth startups and tier 1 brands. His career journey spans companies like Google, American Express, and E&Y. Most recently, Ben served as the VP of Retail Sales at Bringg Delivery Technologies, where he was employee #7. At Bringg, he was responsible for engaging tier one retail brands and successfully drove revenue growth of 369% in just two years.

Ari Rosenstein

VP Marketing

Ari is responsible for leading the marketing and business development teams at Rivery. As the VP Marketing, Ari is spreading the word about Rivery’s DataOps platform and helping the company take a leadership position in the market.

Prior to Rivery, he led the marketing effort for several software companies including SimilarWeb, Kenshoo, and AdQuant. He also helped AppsFlyer and Ex Libris expand their funnels and execute on high quality Go-To-Market campaigns. Ari holds an MBA from the Interdisciplinary Center and BA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Salomé Laborde

Salomé is Head of Sales for EMEA at Rivery. Salome is a natural salesperson who drives amazing results working with the world's leading companies. Salome has worked in various commercial roles across multiple tech verticals, most recently at Bringg, the cloud solution for delivery and fulfillment logistics.. Salome is a graduate from the University of Auckland and holds a Masters Degree from EM Lyon Business School & Central Lyon.

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