Control your Data. Free your Business.

Rivery is a fully-managed DataOps platform for all your organizational data. Automate, manage, and transform data so it can be fed back to stakeholders as meaningful insights.

Connect All Your Data Sources. Create One Source of Truth.

100% Compatibility with any data source

150+ Prebuilt data connectors out-of-the-box

Zero Minutes spent building data pipelines

The ELT Platform for Modern Data Teams

Rivery equips teams with all the capabilities they need to conquer the modern data landscape. Now teams can maximize ROI for each stage of the data integration process, from ingestion, to orchestration, to transformation, to management.

Data Ingestion

Extract, import, and format all data sources, within a single platform, by harnessing Rivery’s universal compatibility with all API data sources.

Data Orchestration

Orchestrate all of your data in the cloud, from both in-house and third-party platforms. Automate your entire data pipeline, from extraction, to loading, to transformations.

Data Transformation

Transform raw data into business-ready inputs, directly inside a cloud database, to power insights, analysis, and critical decision-making

DataOps Management

Control your data, every step of the way, and eliminate manual data tasks. Democratize data, build, test, & deploy multiple data models, and oversee any project or team with ease.

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End-to-End Solutions for All Data Deployments

Rivery is a Swiss army knife of data solutions. The platform is designed to tackle any data deployments, from social media data lakes, to heavy-duty on-premise migrations. Check out some of our most popular solutions.

Business Solutions

“The amazing thing about Rivery is that I don’t need to use it. I set it up and it just works, that’s the beauty of it.”
Elik R., Product Manager
“A great platform which makes life super easy in pulling data from API's. It's also a great ETL tool, super easy and simple UI, easy to control all your process. Overall great experience.”
Or N., BI Developer
“Rivery gives us the confidence to know that any time we need data, wherever it might be on the internet, we are always able to pull it, use it, and make sense of it.”
Tomer C., Director of R&D
“We solved some of our most complex data challenges with Rivery. The ability to create a unified data pipeline that is always up-to-date through predefined logic rivers has been a game changer for the team. It is extremely easy to use compared to other tools that we’ve used in the past. ”
Tali S., BI & Analytics Manager
“A reporting process that once required back-and-forth between different teams is now executed ad-hoc by team leads in minutes, cutting time to execution in half.”
Jean H., Senior Data Analyst

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Control Your Data. Free Your Business.